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Uh-oh. I've been accused of being a bleeding heart liberal. Uh-uh. Not liberal, not conservative. I prefer to think of myself as belonging to the common sense party - not officially recognized as such, of course.

I'm against the government interfering in most instances. That could be considered liberal, I suppose. I'm against big money controlling our political decision makers - that's liberal, too, I suppose.

Personal beliefs - legalize marijuana and prostitution - tax it and regulate it. It will de-criminalize those illicit industries and the tax money can be used to make sure that prostitution doesn't spread disease and that drug users can get help getting off the stuff, if the need or or want to do so. No more drive-by shootings, prostitutes getting raped, murdered, etc. Win-win. So, yeah, kinda liberal there, too.

Insisting that the arts, music, and gym are an important part of our education process and should be supported fully - hell, yes! That's liberal.

Socialized medicine - Nope. Not the way to go. I propose a sliding scale based on income and subsidized by both private and public insurance. NOT LIBERAL.

I believe that illegal immigrants should have to have insurance (and not State Sponsored insurance at that). If an illegal immigrant is brought into an emergency room dying, would you just let him/her die or would the rest of us tax-payers have to foot the entire bill? NOT LIBERAL.

I'm against gun control. If guns were never here in the first place, sure, it's POSSIBLE, if not probable, that it could work. Making firearms illegal at this point, means that the only people with guns are the criminals and the government. The 2nd amendment was put in there specifically to protect citizens from their own government doing things martially that were against the common good. I'm not advocating shooting at our own military - that's just nuts. But, look at the countries who have fallen into socialist or communist regimes and you'll find that they had no real weaponry with which to defend themselves. Gun SAFETY, YES. If you are one of the people that has guns in your home - it is your ABSOLUTE responsibility to ensure that any children know gun safety and to limit their access to weapons. Teaching your children about the sanctity of human life and the importance of freedom for all, is as much - if not more important than worrying about a gun. Plenty of kids go arond stabbing each other, running each other over with cars, or trying to build bombs to blow each other up. There's a core problem here and it's NOT gun control. It's respect and care for your fellow human being. Teach that to your children and treat everyone you meet with that mindset and guns will no longer be an issue. NOT LIBERAL.

Rating systems and the so-called 'V' Chip. It should be up to the individual parent to monitor the media that their children are watching. Television is pervasive in our society. Hell, I think I was 8 years old when I saw 'Porky's' for the first time on cable. I don't believe it warped me in any way. I could be wrong about that, but seriously...the honus here is on parental control, not governmental control. The internet is another animial altogether - if you cannot be in the same room with your child while he/she is surfing the net and monitoring the content that they have access to - they shouldn't be allowed on the internet unless or until you are able to monitor them. I realize that it's difficult to control what your children have access to when at a friend's house, etc. Get INVOLVED. If the parent(s) of a friend are absent or don't follow your same rules, you're going to have to put your foot down and disallow activities with those friends unless your rules are followed. Conversely, if a friend of your child's has stricter rules than your own, it is up to you to step up to the plate and follow the rules that the other parent(s) have laid down. Ultimately - it is not the government's place to patrol your children or censor material in your home - it is yours. LIBERAL.

Abortion - Whoo-boy. This is not going to win me many friends. As a rape survivor, I am NOT pro-life. I believe firmly in a woman's right to choose. That said, I am appalled and think that legislation should be enacted for those who use abortion as their primary form of birth control. Once is an accident. Twice, a misfortune. Anything more than that - and lady, you have no respect for either your body or the potential life of a child. Get some damn condoms or birth control pills or just keep your knees together once and a while. Harsh, I know. So, LIBERAL in that I'm pro-choice. CONSERVATIVE, in that I don't believe abortion should be a way of life.

Welfare/Social Security/Mental Health: Another one that's going to get me hate mail. I can hear the screaming now. These programs are necessary. They provide a life-saving service to people who are in need. Are they abused? Absolutely. People who have children for the sole purpose of increasing their welfare benefits should have some form of punitative reprecussions. As to many others - far too many people are denied claims as their illnesses are not recognized as debillitating or even as illnesses at all. Mental health issues, in particular, are not given enough consideration in our social services system. The benefits themselves are often so small as to make simple survival a day to day challenge for those receiving 'so-called' assistance. Homelessness could be almost completely irradicated by proper diagnoses, adequate government aid, and charitable donations. I am NOT an advocate of INSTITUTIONS. The abuses and disgusting conditions of most of those facilities have proven that form of solution, is no solution at all. I am advocating decent low-income housing in areas that are not crime-laden. I am advocating medical overview and proper pharmaceutical oversight when it is necessary, I am advocating THERAPY over drugs whenever possible, I am advocating vocational rehabilitation and a living wage for those who have trouble caring for themselves. I am advocating ADVOCATES to oversee individual cases, review, and adjust care as needed. Yes, I'm advocating spending tax money. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can stop screaming at me now.) If we can spend over 20 billion dollars to bail out banks that in turn give six figure bonuses to the very people who put those financial institutions in dire straits to begin with - we can treat our fellow human beings who need help with some form of dignity and humanity. Just saying. So....LIBERAL, in as far as spending of money on human beings, yet CONSERVATIVE, in as far as advocating government oversight.

I have more, far more popular and more than likely unpopular opinions, should you choose to read about them. Ask me a question - I promise that I won't hedge, like our politicians and media so frequently do. I'll give you my honest answer. There's just one life to live and I ain't in it for any popularity contests. (As an agoraphobic, that would be kind of pointless, at any rate.)



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