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I just finished watching Centigrade, written, directed, and starred in by Colin Cunningham. WOW!

This is a must-see! I'm not usually a great fan of short films, but this one is truly remarkable.

The set design, the wardrobe, the writing, the direction, the acting - all fantastic! On top of which, Mr. Cunningham and his cohorts managed this all on a shoe-string budget. KUDOS!!!

For those of you who are able, download it from iTunes immediately! For those who can't, BUY IT, RENT IT, do anything short of selling your children to see it.

It harkens back to the good old days of non-graphic thrillers. The score adds just the right touch of creepiness to the feel. Plus - we get to see Colin's tongue in action. Okay, so it's not the way you may wish to see it, but still...

At any rate, if you know anyone in casting or investing in film-makers, bring Colin Cunningham to his/her attention. The man can go from playing a regimented Major in Stargate, to a morally ambiguous litigator in Cold Squad, to a dirty cop in Da Vinci's Inquest, to a drunken, potential child-abuser in Centigrade - AND he's BELIEVABLE in each and every role. Versatility in spades. He has a terrific sense of dark humour, plus he's pretty to look at, too - even at his 'sleeziest'. All this, plus he can write and direct...what more could anyone in the performance industry ask for?

I expect great things from his new series 'Shattered', starring Callum Keith Rennie. The two of them together should be dynamite!

So, spread the word, tell your friends - watch and/or purchase 'Centigrade' ASAP. Be sure to spread the word about 'Shattered' as well. Make certain the ratings for his new show let The Powers That Be in the entertainment industry know that he is appreciated.
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Not going into details, just saying that the man is one of the nicest human beings around.

I'm doing my part in paying it forward and would ask that you do the same. The next time you are at the store (green grocers or whatever), please drop a few bucks into whatever charity donation jar is there. Feed the children, save the puppies, buy new soccer uniforms for the local kiddies...and remember that I'll be doing the same.

In harsh economic times, charities are some of the hardest hit financially, so please give what you can. Donate clothing or unused items to your local Goodwill or charity shop (it's tax deductible and they often print more than you would have believed your stuff is worth on the receipt they give you for tax purposes). Donate your time when it's possible.

Tutor or mentor a child. Offer to help an elderly neighbor keep his/her lawn work up or clean their gutters - and DON'T sue, if you should injure yourself while doing so. (We're far too litigious as it is.)

Loan someone a nice outfit for a job interview or offer to sit for their kids while they are out trying to find work.

The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child. I would take that a step further and say that it takes a community to make a community. It's a lot harder to steal, injure, or even kill someone, if you know their kids' favorite cartoon characters or their favorite flavor of ice-cream.

So, if someone does something nice for you, please remember to do something nice for someone else. Not in exchange, but in the effort to create a better world for all of us. Many of you may be religious, but how many of you would actually let a destitute stranger stay the night in their home? Or even use your bathroom facilities or telephone for that matter? I'm not suggesting that you throw caution to the wind and do something that could put you in harm's way. I'm just suggesting that we all need to practice what we preach a bit more. Give a little bit of yourself and one day, you might find that destitute stranger isn't quite so destitute and not so much a stranger.

We CAN all make a difference, no matter how small our contributions may seem. If everyone performs just one small act of kindness, we can help to prevent crime, war, prejudice, and hatred. One small act can help spin a depressed person into a smile of joy.

I'm feeling joyous now - and though my finances are best described as pitiful, I'm feeling generous thanks to the kindness of a stranger.

In light of that generosity, if you spread the kindness forward and let me know about it, I will endeavor to give what help that I can to you. Tell me what you've done, where, for whom, and how it made you feel and I'll give something of myself in return. It most likely will NOT be a financial gift. Poor here, remember? But, I can write and speak several languages. I can provide tutoring or help you write a resume to find work. I can write a short story or script for you or help you find an answer to a question (if I don't know it, I can help you find it on the internet), and I'm told that I give pretty good advice, too.

So, in short, pay it forward, and I'll try my best to pay it forward again back to you.

Smile, give a little, tell me what you've done, and I'll try to give a bit to you as well.

Go forth and help someone! It really does feel good.

As to Mr. Cunningham, he is a brilliant actor, writer, director, etc. His new series with Callum Keith Rennie, 'Shattered' was just picked up for a full season. So share your warm congratulations to him. (I think CKR is one of the most underestimated actors of our generation, by the way.) When 'Shattered' finally airs, watch it, if it's offered in your location. Look for the widespread release of 'Centigrade' and purchase it when it becomes available - it's won more awards than I could even begin to list here. Catch Colin Cunningham on YouTube in 'The Crusader', he can even make nerdy-crazy look good!

While on the subject of independent films, if you haven't seen 'A Dog's Breakfast' yet, you are missing a dark comedy that has terrific performances by David Hewlett, Katie Hewlett, Paul McGillian, Christopher Judge, and Rachel Luttrell. Oops, can't forget 'Mars', the dog. He steals the show, lol.

I watched the pilot for Warehouse 13 and it looks like it has some promise. Joe Flanigan will be making an appearance in what I believe to be episode 6, but you might want to double check the episode listings to be certain.

I'm still pretty ambivalent about SGU. I may watch the first few episodes just to see some of my favorite characters, but the unofficial title of Stargate 90210 thus far seems pretty apt. After the disastrous and even cruel (to the actors) cast changes made to SGA, I'm not sure I have the heart for it. I actually was a fan of Jewell Staite (as a browncoat to the death), yet after her characterization or the writer's interpretation of her character, she's lost her gloss to me. Her performance always seemed stiff and a bit 'off'. As to whether it was the material that she was given to work with or the writers' attempts to force us to like her, my personal opinion is that she never really fit into the character, thusly the character never really fit into the show. She seemed more of a 'Mary Sue' than many that I've read in fanfiction and that is saying something. Gero's obvious infatuation with her did not hold her in good steed in this particular instance.

I want to see Michael Shanks get a leading role in a series or movie soon. I want to see Teryl Rothery on the small or large screen, since it's unlikely that I'll be able to see her, undoubtedly brilliant, stage work. I want to see Joe Flanigan on a regular basis, as well as Torri Higginson, Paul McGillian, and all of the rest of our favorites.

I've tried to like Sanctuary. Despite knowing that AT comes by her accent honestly, it still seems forced to me and that throws me out of my suspension of disbelief. I just can't enjoy it - and I have tried.

Watching MS as Victor Stecker-Epps in Burn Notice was a treat. Though his arc was short, it was poignant, well written, and well acted. If you haven't seen Burn Notice - go to and watch it. It's worth the time. A bit on the cheesy side sometimes, but what can you expect with Bruce Campbell in the cast? He's terrific in it, too, by the way as the irreverent 'Sam'.

As a fan, a sci-fi fan in particular, it takes a lot to get me invested in a program. Once there, though, I'm completely devoted.

Without spoiling Children of Earth for Torchwood fans, I was bitterly disappointed with the mini-season that they have given us. The only saving grace, IMHO, is the fact that as a sci-fi show, they have pretty much a blank cheque when it comes to retconning any actions taken or not taken. So, while I'm very unhappy, I still have some hope. Plus, John Barrowman - what's not to love? Let's just cross our fingers and hope that RTD has a plan to fix this disaster and give us another season - one worth watching. I certainly would not mind seeing Capt John Hart make another guest appearance. (James Marsters for you Spike fans from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.) I still hold the delusion that someone will pick Mr. Marsters up as a main character in a program. I had hopes for The Dresden Files, since he did such a wonderful job with the audio books, but they screwed the pooch with that one. Then, a small arc on Without a Trace led nowhere - though, since the show is now cancelled, perhaps that was for the best. His portrayal in Torchwood, however, was nothing short of awe-inspiring. Here's hoping that we'll get to at least see a bit more of him in future.

Well, enough rambling for now.

To sum up - Colin Cunningham is a truly great person all-around, as a human being, an actor, writer, director, et al.

Give something of yourself, no matter how small.

Root for our favorite actors for the success that they deserve.

Try to watch programs or movies that they are in, even if they aren't really your cup of tea.

Say a few prayers or send a few letters to the Powers that Be to give your favorite performers a bit of a boost, popularity-wise. It can't hurt to have their names thrust to the fore-front when casting time comes around.

Before I forget, contact your Representatives and Senators and tell them to get rid of that out-dated prejudicial DADT law.

I think that covers it all for now.




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