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Thank goodness for intuitive software. My apahsia's not that bad from this little TIA, but it's a real bitca to work myself through it. I found out pretty early on that the standard medico-physio treatments do squat for me. I read aloud until I get my thoughts and tongue back under control. My writing doesn't seem hardly affected, aside from weakness on my left side. I'll work the ball and brass-knuckle looking squeezing thing on my own, too.

The main problem with aphasia treated with speach therapy for a polyglot - is that so many different words slur out in different languages, that the so-called 'experts' see these as signs of deterioration or at least, lack of improvement. Only real way to work it through is on my own. Plus - zero fundage for medical care. I've got electrical tape wrapped around a glass cut on my right hand right now (over a butterfly bandage with a&d cream to prevent the sticking of any scabbing). We work with what we've got. :D
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I'm in the creative process now of attempting a huge multi-fandom epic. It will include some canon pairings, lots of slash, some het, and even some gen chapters. I write in snippets and then connect the dots with scenes that I hope make sense. Some pairings may be controversial. Some treatment of beloved characters may seem harsh. (For example, Sam Carter from SG-1 comes off rather poorly, as does Archer from Star Trek Enterprise.)

The general plot bunny, is that a catastrophic weapon in conjunction with irresponsible tearing of space-time through temporal distortion obliterates many galaxies and, in effect obliterates space-time through the elimination of time, alternate universes, and matter in accordance with string theory. The Asgard from the Stargate universe are able to save what people and technology that they are able to, in a life-raft situation. They are able to maneuver, through great peril, in a small spacial rift that allows them to arrive in a 'bubble' unaffected by the disaster. Their goal is to reach an alternate Atlantis in the Pegasus Galaxy and create a new society with a vastly different crew of humans, aliens, and even demons.

The list of fandoms is extensive. The list of characters may make my mind explode.

There will be traditional Pegasus villians and foibles, as well as some new villains and original characters to make things a bit more interesting.

I've set up very specific guidelines for how any of our favorite characters' special powers might be affected by this new and alternate reality and do have some definite ideas as to how some pairings will form up. Bear in mind that in the Stargate world, there are clones, robotic copies of characters, and mirror-universe doubles (the entropic cascade failure issue is dealt with). That leaves even more favorite characters to be paired up both conventionally and unconventionally.

When the Asgard determined that the disaster was unpreventable, they utilized Ancient time-travel technology to retrieve some characters from the past, as well as the Quantum Mirror Tech to save some persons that they felt were invaluable. Quite a few ordinary people were picked up along the way, as the rush was on to save as many people as possible.

Anyway, that's the really scary bunny that will soon be too fat to fit through my front door. Opinions and suggestions are welcome.

I'm awaiting some snippets from a person who volunteered to beta for me, but if anyone else would like to take a crack and de-cracking my crack-fic - I'd welcome their input as well.



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