Jul. 27th, 2009

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I just finished watching Centigrade, written, directed, and starred in by Colin Cunningham. WOW!

This is a must-see! I'm not usually a great fan of short films, but this one is truly remarkable.

The set design, the wardrobe, the writing, the direction, the acting - all fantastic! On top of which, Mr. Cunningham and his cohorts managed this all on a shoe-string budget. KUDOS!!!

For those of you who are able, download it from iTunes immediately! For those who can't, BUY IT, RENT IT, do anything short of selling your children to see it.

It harkens back to the good old days of non-graphic thrillers. The score adds just the right touch of creepiness to the feel. Plus - we get to see Colin's tongue in action. Okay, so it's not the way you may wish to see it, but still...

At any rate, if you know anyone in casting or investing in film-makers, bring Colin Cunningham to his/her attention. The man can go from playing a regimented Major in Stargate, to a morally ambiguous litigator in Cold Squad, to a dirty cop in Da Vinci's Inquest, to a drunken, potential child-abuser in Centigrade - AND he's BELIEVABLE in each and every role. Versatility in spades. He has a terrific sense of dark humour, plus he's pretty to look at, too - even at his 'sleeziest'. All this, plus he can write and direct...what more could anyone in the performance industry ask for?

I expect great things from his new series 'Shattered', starring Callum Keith Rennie. The two of them together should be dynamite!

So, spread the word, tell your friends - watch and/or purchase 'Centigrade' ASAP. Be sure to spread the word about 'Shattered' as well. Make certain the ratings for his new show let The Powers That Be in the entertainment industry know that he is appreciated.


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